Search Party

What's in a name?

Trace Labs is a global non profit leveraging crowdsourced open source intelligence (OSINT) to help find missing people. To crowdsource these reports, the organization sets up both in-person and virtual Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions where teams of hackers are racing to submit their OSINT findings. While CTFs are a large part of cybersecurity culture, Trace Labs is dedicated to making their volunteer community open to people of all technical backgrounds. The term "OSINT CTF" means little to both their law enforcement partners and non-hacker community members.

Trace Labs' constant commitment to low barrier to inclusion and their #OSINTforGood campaign are values we wholeheartedly believe in at Miscreants. So when they called on us to help find a new name, we were ecstatic! So after a little naming session to find a more descriptive and memorable way to talk about their globally renowned competition, we landed on something we loved. Search Party. Simple, sweet, and easily understandable.



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