Bug Bounty Redacted

Engaging AssetNote's community with a new YouTube Series and hidden prizes

Watch the full series here


AssetNote is a leading attack surface management company that also has an active community following. Unlike many competitors, the reputation of the AssetNote team in the bug bounty space preceded them. Known for finding bugs in various companies listed on HackerOne and Bugcrowd, they wanted to provide walkthroughs back to their community to explain how each and every critical vulnerability had been discovered.

However, we had to be sure to maintain a line of separation between the AssetNote product's branding and this new community initiative.


We took Assetnote's vision one step further and worked with them to inject Pentester codes into each video as a way to drive engagement. With a name like Bug Bounty Redacted and their community, we knew we had to go old school cool


The intro to Bug Bounty Redacted provided a memorable look, sound, and feel to this AssetNote series. As we produced the other 4 videos in the series, the video bumpers served as an easy way for AssetNote to stand out in the social feed as their own identity.

The secret codes improved watch time, retention, and overall community engagement. The release of Bug Bounty Redacted was met with excitement on Twitter and quickly drove thousands of views with limited viewership dropoff across the entire series.


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