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Miscreants leverages its unique combination of design and cybersecurity knowledge to solve problems in one hyperspecific vertical.

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You've got a brand new idea and you're looking to start your next big project. You're looking for the team that will take you from napkin sketch to delightful product your end users rave about. Great, that's what we were born to do.

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You're looking to add something to your business. You have guidelines set internally already and are looking to explore some new ideas. Maybe you need an audit first, maybe you don't. Regardless, we're here to help you reach new heights.


You’re now an established business, but it wasn't always like this. Over time, you've outgrown your designs and brand guidelines. You're looking for a new coat of paint before you restake your claim in the market. Sounds good; fresh and innovative are our middle names. Heck, we'll even make "fetch" happen if that's what it takes.

Product Design
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Brand Activation
For Startups
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Creative Services
Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand is the beating heart of your business. We map your company to a brand archetype and create a strategy that connects with your audience.
Whether is an external or internal facing brand, we focus each deliverable on creating a meaningful, lasting bond between you, your employees, and your customers. All that, without the usual 50 page slide decks.

We nerd out about UX research, obsess over intuitive user interfaces, and create interactions that your end users rave about. Imagine having a product experience so delightful that your users can't stop tweeting about it. Now let's talk about making that happen.

We generate names that reflect the personality, culture, and goals of our clients. Names that check the boxes for (deep breath in) trademark search, URL availability, searchability, spellability, culture validity, culture fit, product fit, and company fit. Best of all, only pay us when you're in love with it.

The standard stuff, if that's what you're looking for. Visual Identity, Logo Design, Brand Book, Branded Spaces, Website Design, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Merchandise Design, Motion Design.

Teach your team how to apply design thinking and sprints to create products end users love. Perfect for teams building security tools who want the user experience to be intuitive and delightful. It's the same "secret" recipe we use on our team. Also, we teach executives how to communicate design principles clearly so you stop hearing "just jazz it up..."

Conferences are overwhelmingly packed with both attractions and merchandise. We help you rise above the noise and become the booth that attendees just have to visit. We start with a deck of concepts custom to your needs before designing your merchandise and planning your brand activation event.

We're always happy to talk to startups - especially ones that are elevating cybersecurity. While VCs and Angels invest money, we invest our resources, design expertise, and plain old hard work to bring you from napkin sketch to Minimum Desirable Product.

And yes, we can get creative about pricing.

Creative is your differentiator in the sea of sameness. But in cybersecurity, technical know-how is an absolute must. Good thing we foster that in-house.

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